Wannabe Buddha

Kiarra, Tangent Universe. If you are alive, you will suffer. The cause of suffering is attachment. Emotions are dangerous to the heart, urges are better trusted. talking to me is a choice you have if you want some intelligent things said unintelligently.

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

Double selfie #beachbeach
Shek-O Beach #hongkong
Mr. Tuk Tuk (at Sanlitun Beijing)
This stuffed pig has the crazy eyes
The ultimate war chariot yurt
Food poisoning was bound to happen
Yurt hunting is the only sport I want to be part of.
The after
Chinese Cupping
So we got a dog… then traded it in for this one
Meet and greet with university students… Dressed in army gear
Night out in Hohhot
Lovely fellas cig on, drink up, and urinate openly

8 motorbikes… 8 (at Beijing Chaoyang Theatre Acrobatic)

The Great Wall of China #isabitchtoclimb (at The Great Wall of China, Beijing)