Wannabe Buddha

Kiarra, Tangent Universe. If you are alive, you will suffer. The cause of suffering is attachment. Emotions are dangerous to the heart, urges are better trusted. talking to me is a choice you have if you want some intelligent things said unintelligently.

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

I don’t know what this says but I know it means I’m going to China 📯👲💼
Friday the 13th at work #twaspoppen #vampitout
$10 yes please 💰🔫
High Tea with Mother (at Overnewton Castle)
The best way to infuse your tea #ducksaretasty
⭐️Viper, the man, the myth, the legend⭐️
The things you can do to your self these days
Boy & Bear were just too good
Before boy & bear just a little hungry
After morphing into a beast and getting to the bar, to overheating and contemplating a sneaky vom which was avoided by bailing and have a party out the back #snapoutofit
This is gonna come in handy for 5 months of my life #chinatime #wakemeupwhenaugustcomes 🚀🇨🇳🍚
Get outta the sink ya beast #viperthedestroyer
Thumb update #notanybetter
Found my Alex from Clockwork and it was real horror show #supanova #ihavetoomuchfun
Ahhh Kakashi sensei